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Acorn Summer Camp has a lovely finale!

July 27, 2013

We had such a lovely last week at Acorn School, even the weather was gentler. Mr. Andrew came by to do some further work on our carpenter’s shed and quickly became the Pied Piper. The children were so inspired by his good work. They followed and helped by carrying and lifting wood into place. Mr. Andrew patiently made a place for them to be truly useful. A two day flurry of hammering nails ensued.

A million thank yous to Mrs. Quick. When she joined us 5 weeks ago, our vegetable garden was a wild meadow. With great determination and love, she pulled weeds and grass, turned over soil, planted seeds and tended to the garden. Children regularly joined in the work as they were inspired by being near her. Acorn School now has a very beautiful and productive garden. We look forward to picking cucumbers for pickling in September!

Mia Reed was at the helm of the beautiful crafts that children had a chance to work on every week. Felted bead necklaces, tissue paper butterflies, wind ribbons, bracelets and yarn dolls all went home throughout the weeks. Mia’s patient, loving smile encouraged children as they lovingly created treasures to bring home.

I am deeply grateful to all the helpers who supported the work and to all the families who have shared their children with us this summer! I must be the luckiest person on earth…

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