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Getting to know little oaks…

September 22, 2012

What a lovely group of children and parents I have been blessed with at Acorn School this year! We have spent the last two weeks getting to know each other and settling into the rhythm that gives support and freedom to the children. From the youngest who is almost 2 yrs old to the oldest, who is 4 and a half, everyone is relaxing into their day, playing, working and becoming fast friends.

A great big thank you to Mia Reed and Laura Kliminchenko for volunteering their warm and loving presence to our circle and giving me support!

Pictured here is a snack which was greatly enjoyed. Peas, apple slices and almonds. These we blanched and then had a great time slipping the skins off, soaking in salt water and drying in the oven… YUM! This group of children are great eaters šŸ™‚

With fall and winter weather just around the corner, Alison Sinatra will be collecting orders for Ruskovilla woolen undershirts, etc. Please check out this link and if you are interested email me or Alison with your order. I will try to get us a discount!

Ruskovilla Woolens

I’m looking forward to the next few weeks… we have two birthdays and perhaps some wool dyeing in marigolds!

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