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Alison Sinatra will be hosting a special event….

September 11, 2012

She will be hosting a special event upstate with one of the most beautiful and connected teachers of NYC. This is a workshop for ALL mothers not just new. Come and nourish yourself. Go inside. Stay for lunch. Connect with community. Enjoy.

Details: Saturday, October 6

Time: 9-12 

Location: Iris Yoga Studio, High Falls NY (

Cost: $45(includes lunch)

Please RSVP to my email-spots are limited.


 Re-inhabiting ourselves, a Workshop for Moms

In this workshop you will have an opportunity to gain greater awareness of the changes that arise with childbirth and motherhood. My intention is to help you get back in sync and re-inhabit your postpartum Self.This workshop consists of a deeply restorative and energizing yoga practiceas a means to bring focus to some of these changes- from the subtle to themore obvious. This practice will include practical exercises to strengthen and tone those areas most directly affected by pregnancy and childbirth: the pelvic floorand abdomen. We will also discuss ways to integrate this work into your daily life with a young child (or children).The workshop also includes time for discussion on how we have integrated the various aspects of our postpartum selves: the physical, the emotional andthe spiritual. How do we incorporate motherhood into our lives and our lives into motherhood.


This workshop is not limited to “new” moms. It will speak to issues that any woman who has young children will have encountered but may not have had the time or space to address.I hope this workshop will be a mini-retreat for You – a time to nourish your deepest Self.



Lara Kohn Thompson:


Following a successful dance career in her native France, Lara has been teaching Yoga and involved with women’s health work for over a decade. She is a certified Yoga teacher and trainer (R.Y.T 500 – R.P.Y.T), A.P.O.R. and A.P.M. practitioner. 

She offers individualized physical care and training sessions for women as well as Integrated pelvic floor health. Her private practice integrates the diverse modalities she is trained in (Yoga, Pilates, CranioSacral therapy, A.P.O.R (approche posturo respiratoire), A.P.M (anatomie pour le mouvement) , as well as 30 years of experience with movement.

In addition to her Yoga classes and private practice, Lara is a Prenatal Yoga teacher trainer for the Integral Yoga Institute and offers continuing ed. workshops for both movement and birth professionals.

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